NSP’s lawyers won an international arbitration proceeding in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

May 24, 2022

NSP team won an international arbitration proceeding in the ICAC at the CCI of the RF under the dispute between a Russian company and an Uzbek enterprise concerning the construction of a potash plant and supporting infrastructure in Uzbekistan.

The proceeding was in progress since 2020. In the course of the proceedings, Russian and foreign experts in various fields of science and technology, as well as auditors and economists, were involved.

The panel of arbitrators issued a judgment in favor of our principal, recovering about 18 million US dollars from the Uzbek enterprise.

NSP team also managed to defend the interests of the principal under the counter-claim for about 200 million US dollars.

Project Team:

Ilia Rachkov, NSP's Partner

Aram Grigoryan, NSP's Attorney

Sergey Bakhmisov, NSP's Associate

Andrey Saveliev, NSP's Associate

Tatiana Gordiyevskaya, NSP's Legal Assistant


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