Mikhail Khaletsky is elected as a partner of the NSP's tax practice

July 12, 2021

Mr. Khaletsky specializes on the Russian and international tax optimization, works on tax disputes and supports complex restructuring transactions.

For 13 years Mr. Khaletsky has been advising his appointers on tax and customs law. His career at NSP has begun on 2013. Mikhail managed to complete all the stairs up from 1st grade lawyer to the partner at NSP in just 8 years.

His experience also covers support of Russian and international companies and private appointers – representatives of big and medium sized business of different industries, including IT, financial and banking sector, real estate and building, heavy machinery and power generation. He leads multiple projects related to tax optimization in large-scale corporate holdings. 

Mikhail is an attorney, current member of the Moscow city Chamber of Lawyers. His experience and competencies are acknowledged by the leading international and Russian ratings including:

  • Право.ru-300: Tax disputes
  • The Best Lawyers™ in Russia: Corporate law

Mikhail Khaletsky: "I would like to thank my partners for their trust, and I am really proud to contribute to the company growth with this new status."
Alexander Nektorov: "Mikhail unlike many other lawyers is surprisingly non-public and even a bit private person. The paradox is that the people, who worked with Mikhail at least once, keep on addressing him over and over. His innermost analytics, attention to the details and strokes of genius in the most tangled situations that is what they mention. I wish him the best of luck and to have everyday pleasure to solve the most complicated and sophisticated cases offered by the Clients."

Mikhail’s brief CV: https://nsplaw.com/en/left/team/mikhail-khaletsky/


Mikhail Khaletsky, partner: mikhail.khaletsky@nsplaw.com, +7 495 646 81 76;

Alexander Nektorov, partner: alexander.nektorov@nsplaw.com, +7 495 646 81 76.


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